Someone Might Want To Take Down Those Creepy Videos Posted To That Molester Golf Coach's YouTube Account

  • Jake O'Donnell

Andrew Nisbet has been charged with 75 felony counts of molestation — in varying manners — on the children whom he instructed as a PGA junior golf coach. He is currently in jail, awaiting trial.

Oh ya, and apparently he’s been trying to hire someone to kill three of his alleged victims. From his cell. Seriously, the guy propositioned a prosecutor posing as a hitman to kill the children he had done unspeakable things to.

[Reuters] The letters Nisbet is accused of writing from jail to a confidential informant asked to have the “victims taken care of” and agreed on a price for each of the targets, the district attorney’s office inspector’s report said.

Nisbet also met with a district attorney’s office inspector who posed as a hit man and discussed the cities in which his former students lived, confirmed at least one of their names and offered to give the inspector money to “prove he was serious,” the report said.

“It appears through Nisbet’s letters to and from the confidential informant as well as his conversation with the undercover (officer) he is serious about having the victims killed in exchange for money,” the report said.

It gets worse. For some reason, nothing has been done about his personal, creepy YouTube channel.

Under the name “Andy Nisbet,” the accused child molester (and now attempted murder-solicitor) posted 29 videos, mostly consisting of children hitting golf balls as Nesbit eerily films, at times giving commentary. He was also arrested on child pornography charges.

We’d say it’s about time the account was suspended, no?