Drunk Man Arrested For Firing Gun Shots That Hit Water Tower While Looking For His Missing Dog On A Golf Course

  • Dylan Murphy

Last night was an eventful one for the Dunedin Country Club Golf Course in Dunedin, Florida. At 3:44 a.m., multiple people called police in response to gun shots coming from the golf course. The responsible party was a drunk 49-year-old by the name of Mark Fitzgerald, whose dog was missing. So, you know, gun shots and golf courses.

Fitzgerald had two guns, a 308-caliber rifle and .45-caliber handgun, while driving a vehicle around the course in search of his dog. Though we can understand why he might be searching on the golf course, especially if he lives nearby, why the guns? (via Tampa Bay Online):

“Fitzgerald said he was searching for his lost dog and brought the guns for protection in case he encountered coyotes, deputies said.”

Before you jump the gun and call “Drunk guy just wanted to shoot some guns,” know that Dunedin has a problem with coyotes preying on pets. Coyotes are also apparently losing their fear of humans, so Fitzgerald had every right to defend himself. Basically what we’re saying is that this guy is clearly a public servant.

Unfortunately, it also turns out that one of Fitzgerald’s errant shots nailed a water tower, and 550,000 gallons of water had to be drained due to the leak. Luckily residents won’t be affected because of other working water towers and the city’s “optimal water levels.” As for Fitzgerald, he now “faces charges of felony criminal mischief, discharging a firearm and use of a firearm while under the influence.”

Mischief? What mischief? Finding a lost dog is heroism, in our book.

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