Sergio Garcia On Tiger Woods: ‘He’s Not Going To Step On Me. I’m Not Afraid Of Him’

  • Rick Chandler

It’s what golf has been lacking lately — a nice, pointed rivalry (Tiger vs. Elin doesn’t count). Sergio Garcia, in his first interview since his Players Championship squabble with Tiger Woods, had a few interesting things to say. Will Garcia and Woods be making up any time soon?

If you’re thinking that this has a happy ending, it doesn’t.

Garcia today in Wentworth, England, prior to the start of the BMW PGA Championship:

“He [Woods] called me a whiner. He’s probably right. But that’s also probably the first thing he’s told you guys that’s true in 15 years. I know what he’s like. You guys are finding out.”

The latest bone of contention in this ongoing feud involved Woods distracting Garcia’s shot during the Players Championship earlier this month. Speculation by some is that Woods did it on purpose. Woods has denied this. New York Daily News:

Asked if he had any thought of contacting Garcia to make amends between the two, Woods quickly answered: “No.” He smiled. Nearly everyone else in the room laughed.

Garcia isn’t laughing. He, also, thinks a makeup is not on the horizon.

“First of all, I don’t have his number. And secondly, I did nothing wrong and don’t have anything to say to him. And he wouldn’t pick up the phone anyway,” Garcia said of Woods. “But that’s OK; I don’t need him as a friend. I don’t need him in my life to be happy and that’s fine. It’s as simple as that. Like I have always said, I try to be as truthful as possible. That’s why I think sometimes most of the people love me and some hate me. I understand that but I’m not going to change. That’s what makes me who I am and that’s what makes me happy. And that’s what makes the people I care about happy because they know they can trust me. Tiger doesn’t make a difference to my life. And I know that I don’t make a difference to his life.”

The spat at Sawgrass, when Sergio accused Tiger of disrespect after Woods pulled a club as Garcia was about to hit a shot from across the fairway, is just the latest in a career of fallouts.

“This is not just one thing; this has been going on for a long time,” Garcia said. “It’s happened in other tournaments. The problem is I’m one of the guys that just has to say something. A lot of people think about it, but don’t want to say anything. Tiger can and will beat me a lot of times in tournaments but he’s not going to step on top of me. I’m not afraid of him.”

Conclusion: Feuds over golf etiquette are silly. Unless someone is being Rodney Dangerfield-level annoying out there (“Come on! While we’re young!”), perhaps you shouldn’t focus so much on what the other guy is doing.

It is interesting, however, to see someone speak out against the Woods Administration. Not often you see someone bite the hand that feeds golf. Curiously refreshing.