Think You’re Tough? Here’s A Rugby Player With A Claw Hammer Stuck In His Head

  • Rick Chandler

Don’t you hate it when a night out with the lads ends with a claw hammer stuck in your skull? Fortunately for Matthew Probert, of Lincolnshire, England, he appears to have a hard head.

The Scunthorpe rugby star was snapped slumped against a wall with the claw of the tool embedded in his skull.

He had been on a night out with pals, before he was attacked at about 12.50am.

Surgeons spent an hour removing the hammer from his forehead and he has since been described as being in a stable condition.

Lincolnshire Police later confirmed a 21-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Fittingly, according to the article, Probert is a loosehead prop, which is an actual position in rugby.

Photo: Newsteam / SWNS.