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Fantasy Football Quiz! Are You a First-Round Trivia Pick?

  • David Gonos


So you’ve dominated on the Fantasy Football gridirion, winning trophies, accolades and respect! Your first-round picks are rarely busts, and if they get injured, you have several sleepers waiting on the bench behind him. But do you know your Fantasy Football trivia? Can you finish as a champion of our Fantasy Football quiz!?!

Can You Answer These 7 Fantasy Football Quiz Questions?

It’s time for you to figure out if you are worthy of being a first-round Fantasy Football trivia pick – or if you’re just a late-round sleeper.

1. Since 2000, this is the only wide receiver that was the first overall pick in ADP.

2. Since 2000, this player was the first overall pick the most times!

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

3. Since 1990, he’s the youngest player to ever be the Fantasy No. 1 overall pick in ADP.

AP Photo/James Kenney

4. According to’s commissioner leagues, are there more PPR leagues or non-PPR leagues?

AP Photo/Fred Vuich

5. According to the FSTA, how many Fantasy Sports players are there in American and Canada?

AP Photo/Brian Ach

6. Which rookie WR class is considered the greatest in Fantasy Football history?

AP Photo/Wally Santana

7. This kicker made 75 extra points in one season – the most in NFL history.

AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth

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