Quiz! Can You Name the Colleges For These 13 NFL Hall-of-Fame QBs?

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There is no more important position in professional team sports than the quarterback spot in the NFL. When a player becomes one of the best at that position among their peers, it’s impressive. When they end up receiving accolades as one of the greatest to ever play that position, that’s amazing!

We want to know if you can name the colleges that this baker’s dozen of NFL Hall-of-Fame Quarterbacks attended!

Can You Name Where These 13 NFL Hall-of-Fame QBs Went To College?

It’s time to figure out if you are an NFL trivia boss  – name the schools these former NFL superstar quarterbacks attended before they went pro.

1. Which college did Troy AIkman attend?

AP Photo/Eric Gay

2. Which college did Roger Staubach attend?

AP Photo

3. Which college did Terry Bradshaw attend?

AP Photo

4. Which college did Bart Starr attend?

AP Photo

5. Which college did Johnny Unitas attend?

AP Photo

6. Which college did Jim Kelly attend?

AP Photo/Amy Sancetta

7. Which college did Brett Favre attend?

AP Photo/Morry Gash

8. Which college did Warren Moon attend?

AP Photo/David Scarbrough

9. Which college did Joe Namath attend?

AP Photo

10. Which college did Joe Montana attend?

AP Photo/Kathy Willens

11. Which college did John Elway attend?

AP Photo/Doug Mills

12. Which college did Fran Tarkenton attend?

AP Photo

13. Which college did Kurt Warner attend?

AP Photo/Doug Mills

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