Quiz Time! Can You Figure Out These 7 Athlete Nickname Origins?

  • David Gonos


Some athletes are great, and some nicknames are great. But it’s very rare to find great athletes with great nicknames! We tracked down some of the best athlete nickname origins in major sports, like baseball, basketball and football.

If you’ve been a sports fan for more than a decade, you are likely familiar with all these nicknames. But knowing these athlete nickname origins and how they were created makes you a super sports fan.

Can You Name These 7 Athlete Nickname Origins?

1. How Did Ickey Woods Get the Nickname “Ickey”?

AP Photo/Maribeth Joeright

2. How Did Pacman Jones Get the Nickname “Pacman”?

AP Photo/Eric Gay

3. How Did LeSean McCoy Get the Nickname “Shady”?

AP Photo/Adrian Kraus

4. How Did Chipper Jones Get the Nickname “Chipper”?

AP Photo/-David Goldman

5. How Did Dennis Rodman Get the Nickname “The Worm”?

AP Photo

6. How Did Shoeless Joe Jackson Get the Nickname “Shoeless Joe”?

AP Photo

7. How Did David Ortiz Get the Nickname “Big Papi”?

AP Photo/Charles Krupa

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