An Interview With Comedian James Davis

An Interview With Comedian James Davis
  • SportsGrid Staff

Comedian James Davis ceremonially opened the President’s Cup Tuesday morning at the Oculus in Manhattan. The avid golfer and creator of the new Comedy Central show “Hood Adjacent”, cut the ribbon to officially open the global golf event being held at Liberty National Golf Club this week. As a fantasy golf writer with no fantasy golf to speak of around these parts in the near future, I jumped at the opportunity to head over to the official opening of the President’s Cup in Manhattan, where I was able to meet James Davis and experience a very innovative film that Davis stars in.  Davis presented a fan experience film within a 4D immersive dome called “Par For the Course”. The viewing was hosted inside of a golf ball shaped dome where we could look straight up and see a 360 degree and multi-dimensional video of James Davis golfing at Liberty National Golf Club through the eyes of his golf ball. James would swing and all of the sudden, it felt as if we were flying through the air with panoramic views of Liberty National Golf Club and New York City from across the Hudson River. Getting the camera-shots must have required some amazing creativity. I assume that they strapped a Go-Pro to a trained bird to limit the amount of takes. Otherwise, who knows how many takes it would’ve taken to get James to hit the ball into that bunker? After the viewing I was able to catch up with James.

If you could be one of the player’s on the President’s Cup Rosters who would you be and what do they have in common with you?

“Probably Justin Thomas just because he’s probably going to be the player of the year, and I feel like I’m the comedian of the year. He’s had a great season, he always had potential and people knew that he had talent, but this was the season that he really stepped out and took it to another level, he kind of leveled up this season. I feel in the comedy world I did the same thing, I leveled up and separated myself from the pack a little bit”

In your Hood Adjacent episode “Hood Pass”, I liked the part where B-Daht tells Zig Zag “you would’ve gotten shot like 8 times” for breaking hood rules. What are the grounds for getting shot on the golf course?

“If I have a putt for eagle and you walk through my line. Or if I get into that Tiger Woods lockdown zone where I know I’m about to hit a 290 [yard] drive, or stripe a par 3 approach and you make some noise, or dig into your potato chips and mess me up, I’m going to get mad. Nobody should get shot, but I’ll have the face of someone who could shoot someone (laughs).”

What’s your dream golf foursome living or dead?

“Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, no–Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Lee Trevino.”

Have you been able to get people from urban communities, or “the hood”, to start picking up golf?

“I’m always repping golf. I’ll be telling people that I’m here and I’ll be bragging about my love of golf and the courses that I go to. Just me being confident in my love of golf attracts other people to the game of golf. I feel like as long as I keep my cool personality, and I don’t act insincere and be the cool dude that I’ve always been and show people that I’m always golfing, they’ll put it together that cool people play golf.”

Have you gotten any of your close friends to start playing?

“Oh yeah, my friends who are into basketball are always mad at me for not taking them to the course. But I take golf so seriously, I want a nice smooth four hour round, I don’t want to be teaching them. I’ll take them to the range or Par 3 course, but they’ve been just waiting on the invitation, they all wanna be down.”