2015: The Year In Which Back To The Future Predicted The Cubs Win The World Series

2015: The Year In Which <em>Back To The Future</em> Predicted The Cubs Win The World Series
  • Jake O'Donnell

Back in 1985, the idea that the Chicago Cubs would ever do something meaningful was actually LESS crazy than traveling forward through time. That’s why Robert Zemeckis wrote a scene into Back to the Future: Part II depicting a holographic news bulletin announcing (in the middle of the day for some reason) that the Cubs had just swept “Miami” in the World Series.

The year: 2015.

So far, the BTTF2 prophecy is holding up pretty damn well, considering there wasn’t even a baseball team in Florida (much less a Miami team) when the film was made in 1989. Moreover, the Cubs are currently 14/1 favorites to win it all this year — the fifth best odds in baseball according to VegasInsider.com.

There’s only one problem though: both the Cubs and Marlins play in the National League, so a World Series meeting is literally impossible.

Even an NLCS rendezvous remains remote, as the Marlins are currently 50/1 odds to make it that far to begin with.

But the point of Zemeckis’s prophecy is that the Cubs somehow manage to climb atop that elusive mountain this very season — 108 years after they were last there. It’s definitely possible, albeit unlikely.

We’re putting money on it either way, just in case…

Jake O'Donnell

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