5 Places To Track MLB Trade Deadline

  • David Gonos

5 Places to Track MLB Trade Deadline DealsFantasy Baseball owners will be biting their nails hoping their players in bad situations get traded to good situations, and not the other way around, for Thursday’s 4pm ET MLB trade deadline. Here are five places to stay connected with the goings on.

For those fantasy owners in AL- or NL-only leagues, an interleague trade could be the death of their ballclub.

First, you can check out Jonah Keri’s awesome post on Grantland about what we might expect from the 2014 trade deadline.

If your MLB team doesn’t end up trading for the superstar you were hoping to get, don’t feel bad. There have been plenty of trades over the past few decades that have ended up being lopsided the opposite way everyone initially thought. Here are some bad trades that ended up being very good trades!

5 Spots to Track the MLB Trade Deadline

MLBTradeRumors.com: Really, this is the best spot for all of the little tidbits from across the league. They’re doing a timeline for all the news that comes in right now, so it’s super easy to track.

ESPN’s Countdown to the Trade Deadline: Jayson Stark, Buster Olney and Co. will be updating this frequently up until – and after – the deadline. You can also check out their team needs section on “Market Central.”

MLB.com’s “On the Move”: Plenty of stories about the deals that did and didn’t happen.

SBNation’s MLB Trade Deadline: This is a great spot for local bloggers to chip in articles about their teams, and the players going and coming from their teams. Should be a great source all day on Thursday.

RotoWorld’s MLB Headlines: Much like MLBTradeRumors, RotoWorld has the luxury of writing short, quick reactions to trades and rumors, which is what you want on deadline day.

Enjoy your MLB trade deadline day — and may the deals always be on your good side!