6 Free Fantasy Baseball Draft Tools To Put You Over the Top

  • David Gonos

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Fantasy Baseball is for fun, right!?! It’s a hobby! It’s a game! Yay!

Yet, you often find yourself treating it with the same importance as your work, your health, your finances, your children … OK, you might have some issues.

But who am I to judge!?! I’m here to help you! I’m here to offer up six of my favorite free Fantasy Baseball draft tools that will save you time and save you money!

That way, you can spend more time with your children and spend more money on … toothpaste and deodorant!

6 Free Fantasy Baseball Draft Tools

We’re not going to recommend the obvious free tools, like Rotoworld’s MLB headlines or FantasyPros’ Average Draft Positions, since you should already have those bookmarked. If you don’t, then hey! We’re giving you eight free Fantasy Baseball draft tools!

1-Mock Draft - Free Fantasy Baseball Draft Tools

1. Free One-Man Mock Draft Simulator

Personally, I believe this to be the single most awesome Fantasy Baseball draft tool ever created. This is not an overstatement.

Run a free mock draft by yourself, you against a league-ful of computers that are equipped with consensus draft rankings from a mix of dozens of Fantasy Baseball writers. Before the draft starts, set where you want to pick in Round 1, and what type of scoring system, etc. Plus, you can experiment with picks – make a choice to see what’s available in the next round, then revert the pick to try another route. It’s brilliant – and FREE!

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2. FantasyRundown.com’s Daily List of Fantasy Baseball Articles

I won’t profess to know how these guys do it, but they sort through the dozens and dozens of Fantasy Baseball articles posted every day, and they share with you the very best of them – which is usually about 20 great articles a day. He posts early in the morning, later in the morning and later in the afternoon – every … single … day.

Goose is my hero!

3. RosterResource.com’s MLB Depth Charts

We all want to find the easiest set of depth charts to use, and while Rotoworld does a great job (also free) with theirs, showing all the depth charts of the American and National Leagues on their own pages, I like the deeper depth charts on RosterResource.com. Not only do you see who’s on the 25-man roster, but you’ll see their batting lineups, starting rotations, bullpens and the depth charts of all their minor-league teams. They also show the team prospect rankings from Baseball Prospectus and Baseball America.

4. Baseball America Prospect Report

Every day, the Baseball America team (considered the best for prospect help!) will send you an email report that “showcases the best performances from last night’s minor league boxscores.” Each day of the baseball season (and the winter leagues!), you’ll find out who excelled in the minors the day before, and they’ll even highlight some players that are trending upward, showing you some of their year stats, etc.

This email report comes free – and you’ll end up being the guy that knows the hot prospects before everyone else in your league.

5. MLB.com’s Expert Analysis Mock

Zach Steinhorn from the Fantasy411 blog on MLB.com runs a great expert analysis mock draft every spring, with great writers from places like RotoWire.com, Mastersball.com, FantasyAlarm.com and SoCalledFantasyExperts.com. After each pick, the expert writes a short synopsis of why he likes that player this year better than other players. It’s an interesting look into the cobwebbed mind of a Fantasy Baseball writer!

6. Google Alerts: Fantasy Baseball

This one’s cool because you never knew it was under your nose the entire time! Set up a Google Alert for “Fantasy Baseball” in the box that says “Create an alert about…” and then you’ll get an email with links to articles written about that subject!

If you haven’t set up “Google Alerts” for the things in this world you’re interested in, then you’re missing out on a lot of great articles about the things you’re interested in! Type in “Fantasy Baseball” in the box that says, “Create an alert about” and you’ll get notified (I choose once per day) with articles about Fantasy Baseball. These alerts are usually only meant for websites that have proven to break news, like newspapers, so expect a lot of Fantasy Baseball articles from news websites like USA Today, RotoWorld and CBS Sports. It’s one of my favorite emails to read every morning.

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