A Brawl Broke Out At The Rays Game Last Night, Except It Wasn’t On The Field And It Involved Garbage

  • Timothy Burke

Before its improbably winning of the American League pennant in 2008, the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays were best known for putting garbage on the field. But it was a garbage can just outside foul territory that led to a fan brouhaha after a foul ball made a slam dunk into the waste receptacle.

The incident happened in the bottom of the sixth inning, when Rays shortstop Shawn Rodriguez laced a foul liner past first base and directly into the garbage can located at the near end of a party area. But it’s best to let the Rays TV broadcast team of Dewayne Staats, Brian Anderson, and Todd Kalas tell the story:

After tempers cooled down, one fan was ejected from the stadium (which led to the booing you hear during Johnny Damon‘s at-bat), and stadium personnel decided the situation would be settled easiest by leaving the ball where it belonged — in the trash, alongside the Tampa Bay offense which was shut out for the 10th time since May.