A Children’s Treasury Of People Catching Foul Balls While Holding Babies

  • Rick Chandler

This Giants fan snagged a foul ball while holding a baby on Wednesday, and while that’s a (bare-handed) web gem worth noting, it is not unprecedented. In fact, it’s already happened at least twice this season, including one in which the guy caught the ball in his hat.

Authorities in these various jurisdictions should be aware that there’s an epidemic of people catching hurtling baseballs while holding babies. To help their investigations, we’ve compiled a list of the Top Six Catches. First, here’s the Giants catch, during their game with the Nationals.

Best catch of the season? This Reds baby begs to differ! Baby fight!

Also from this season, Astros baby and the magic hat.

And … what’s this? Is that the Atlanta Braves’ baby entrance music I hear?

No, no, no says Richmond Flying Squirrels baby. My mom’s catch was best by far.

Here’s Cubs baby, muscling his way in to the Top Six.

And our winner is … this South Korean girl, whose father catc … no! He drops it! And he drops his daughter! What a costly error here on the baseball baby catching list.

I guess the key here is youth: you have to be small enough to fit into the crook of your parents’ arm. Once you hit 3 years old, you’re pretty much finished in the baby baseball catching game.