A List Of Pro Athletes Making Less Than Derek Jeter This Year

  • Jake O'Donnell

The end of a career is always tricky. It’s like the end of any relationship. It can either be a graceful conclusion to a life’s work — a respectful homage — or it can be a cold reminder that business is, well, a business, and peoples’ values, like assets, decay with time.

The supposedly cash-strapped Yankees are opting for the former with Derek Jeter, and rightfully so (good guy, helped turn around the franchise, etc.) How is Brian Cashman showing his gratitude for Jeter’s 18 years of service?

[ESPN] Despite coming off an injury-plagued season, the New York Yankees chose to reward captain Derek Jeter for his years of good service by re-signing the shortstop Friday to a $12 million contract for 2014.

That’s actually a $2M raise. For, um, what exactly?

[ESPN]If Jeter had picked up his option, his luxury tax number for next season would have been in the $10 million range, according to sources with knowledge of the how the luxury tax works. With the new salary, it will be in the $12 million range.

Sources said Steinbrenner felt it was worth it so the Yankees did not have to deal with Jeter opting out during an offseason full of questions.

Wow, that’s a big paycheck for a 40-year-old guy who can’t field his position or hit or stay healthy. But just how big is this one-year-deal relative to other professional sports contracts? Um, big. If not simply because there aren’t any 40-year-olds making this kind of money anywhere in sports. Here’s a list of notable athletes — in their prime — who will be making less than $12M this season (or in the case of baseball, last season).


Chris Carpenter
Clayton Kershaw
John Lester
Jose Reyes
Yu Darvish
David Price
Troy Tulowitzski
Justin Upton
Adam Jones
Jacoby Ellsbury
Billy Butler
Ben Zobrist
Allen Craig + Edward Mujica + Lance Lynn + Matt Carpenter + John Jay
Clay Buchholz


Alex Ovechkin
Zdeno Chara
Steve Stamkos
Marian Hossa
Eric Staal
Rick Nash


Adrian Peterson
(Does that list need to continue?)


Rajon Rondo
Joakim Noah
DeAndre Jordan
Stephen Curry
O.J. Mayo
Brandon Jennings
Taj Gibson
Jamal Crawford
J.R. Smith
Raymond Felton