An Independent League Baseball Team Is Actually Hosting A Manti Te’o Dead Girlfriend Hoax Bobblehead Night

  • Dylan Murphy

The last time we spoke of Minor League Baseball, it was about Twinkies and nostalgia and delicious Twinkies. And that was a good thing, becuase everyone loves Twinkies. But now our attention has been called away by the Manti Te’o dead girlfriend hoax and the tidal wave of updates and statements and more updates that have followed.

Non-Major League Baseball teams, as a whole, are always starving for attention, using unconventional promotions to bring fans out to the ballpark. The Florence Freedom (located in northern Kentucky) of the Frontier League, news savants that they are, are no exception, though they may have gone a bit far. The team is hosting a Manti Te’o girlfriend bobblehead night on Thursday, May 23rd, except the bobblehead will not be a bobblehead. Instead, it will be an empty box. And this signifies what, exactly? The Manti Te’o dead girlfriend hoax, of course.

The first 1,000 fans will receive empty boxes, and the team characterizes it this way:

“‘This will be the best kind of bobblehead a fan could get,’ Freedom General Manager Josh Anderson said. ‘Because now fans can make the bobblehead out to be whatever they want it to be.'”

The entire night is already taking it way too far, but then there’s this:

“To add to the imaginary fun, section 115 will be blocked and reserved only for fans to sit with their imaginary friends, girlfriends/boyfriends or spouses. There will also be a make pretend kiss cam, air guitar contest and an imaginary food fight outside the Airheads Kids Zone.

Laying it on a bit thick, no?

Do bring your real significant others, however, because it’s still $1 beer night.