A Minor League Manager Had A Meltdown, Gave Third Base To A Fan

  • Dylan Murphy

The Asheville Tourists play in the Class A South Atlantic League, and the team’s manager, Joe Mikulik, is, well, emotional. He has a history of on-the-field meltdowns, so his latest tirade comes as no surprise. In a game against the Charleston RiverDogs, Mikulik came out to argue a call with an umpire, but his emotions got the best of him as his conversation quickly devolved into angry theatrics.

At first it was nothing special, as Mikulik kicked some dirt and threw his cap – pretty standard stuff. But he’s a showman, so he went out with a bang by literally taking third base and handing it to a fan. Mikulik is a man of class, however, so he graciously tipped his cap and bowed before ambling off to the clubhouse.

Gotta win and lose with grace.

h/t Carolina Sports Thoughts