A-Rod Is Reportedly Not As Stupid As We First Thought

  • Eric Goldschein

alex rodriguez

Earlier today, the NY Daily News reported that, according to a source, part of Alex Rodriguez’s defense during his suspension appeal would be that he didn’t know he was taking illegal drugs. The Internet jumped all over this idea, because it’s totally unbelievable and something that comes straight out of the Roger Clemens/Barry Bonds playbook.

It appears that A-Rod and his team are not quite so dumb — at least in this regard.

From ESPN:

Sources familiar with the strategy to be employed by Alex Rodriguez in his appeal of a 211-game suspension strongly denied a report alleging that the New York Yankees third baseman would claim he had been duped by Anthony Bosch into believing he was taking legal supplements.

“We cannot provide any details of this hearing, as the chair of the arbitration panel has issued an order prohibiting all parties from commenting publicly on the confidential proceedings, but what is being reported is not true,” said a statement issued Wednesday by Ron Berkowitz, Rodriguez’s publicist.

Originally, it was believed that A-Rod would testify that he thought he was taking legal supplements from Tony Bosch’s anti-aging clinic. There are a ton of holes in that logic, including:

-Why, then, did A-Rod pay Bosch so much for what he received?
-Why, then, would A-Rod buy these “legal” supplements from Bosch, whose Biogenesis clinic apparently supplied at least a dozen other players with illegal supplements?
-Why, then, would A-Rod buy another from a guy who isn’t a doctor, but walks around in a lab coat pretending to be?
-Why would a guy who has already been caught using steroids not want to know exactly what he was putting in his body?
-Does anyone just blindly take supplements without knowing what they are and what they are for?
-How stupid does he think we are, anyway?

Now we hear that A-Rod’s lawyers have yet to present evidence or arguments in the appeal “beyond an opening statement,” so at this point we have to give A-Rod the benefit of the doubt and say, in this situation specifically, he isn’t as dumb as we thought. There’s still time to change our minds, however.

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