A-Rod Sent His Doctor On The Radio To Declare He’s Healthy And Thinks The Yankees Are Conspiring Against Him

  • Zach Berger

Let’s start with a quick refresher on the ongoing Alex Rodriguez saga. He spent the first half of this season sidelined with a hip injury. He then had a short rehab stint in the minors before the Yankees put him back on the DL with a quad injury.

A-Rod doesn’t trust the Yankees because they can get insurance to cover 80 percent of his massive salary if he doesn’t play this year, so he got a second opinion on Monday without telling the team. Things between Rodriguez and the Yankees organization have already been contentious this year to say the least.

A-Rod sent his personal physician, Dr. Michael Gross, onto Mike Francesa’s radio show today to reveal the results of that second opinion. Gross said, “To be perfectly honest, I don’t see any sort of injury there. If there’s no pain, that means there’s no injury. [Alex] said he’s 100 percent [fit to play].”

Here’s the interview:

ESPN reported today that the Yankees are looking into a possible Collective Bargaining Agreement violation related to A-Rod’s decision to go behind the team’s back and get a second opinion on the quad “injury” without first informing the team. The report went on to say that Rodriguez and his representatives are making it clear that they think the New York Yankees are purposely withholding him from playing.

A-Rod informed the team that he is ready to play and that he wants to be in the lineup this Friday night against Tampa Bay. He had a representative spread that news to the media. “He feels he has no choice,” a source told ESPN. “He wants to play and they won’t let him play.”

Well, this is an absolute mess.

Photo via Getty Images