Aaron Rodgers Would Like Those Ryan Braun Tweets Back, Please

  • Rick Chandler

Well, the Ryan Braun jersey-altering ceremonies have officially begun across Wisconsin, and indeed, the entire nation (see photo below). I wish the Braun suspension story had hit before today, because I could have asked Aaron Rodgers about these tweets you see below. (Rodgers was at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament at Lake Tahoe).

How dare they accuse an innocent man?! Oh, wait … Braun was suspended, and virtually admitted using PEDs.

Um, oops?

Todd Sutton, you are now a comfortably rich man.

That’s OK, Todd. Rodgers didn’t pay up on his bet with Boyz II Men about Alex Smith, either.

Ryan Braun Suspended For Rest Of The Season Without Pay, Admits ‘Mistakes’ [SportsGrid]