Here’s One Of The Most Scathing Reviews Of A Baseball Player You’ll Ever Hear

  • Dan Fogarty

Before joining Seattle’s ESPN affiliate in 2009, radio host Mike Salk was a member of Boston’s sports media. So when the Red Sox recently completed a trade with the Mariners for injury-plagued pitcher Erik Bedard, it made sense that he would do a Boston radio spot to explain to Red Sox fans what they were getting.

What did we take away from Salk’s evaluation of Bedard? Well…

– He doesn’t like baseball very much.

– He intentionally tanked a recent start for the Mariners.

– He will do terribly in high-pressure situations, like, say, an ALCS game in Yankee stadium.

– He’s a hermit.

– He has bad body language.

– Boston sports media people won’t like him.

– Boston fans won’t like him.

– Dude, seriously, the body language: it’s even worse than John Lackey’s.

– This will not end well.

Here’s the full audio of Salk’s glowing review of Erik Bedard, courtesy of WEEI’s Mut & Merloni show.