Adam Jones Donates $20K To Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Adam Jones Donates $20K To Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
  • Cam Littlejohn

Growing up a Yankees fan, the Red Sox were my least favorite team in all of sports. And most recently, just added fuel to the fire.

A couple of weeks ago, the Baltimore Orioles were playing in Boston, when a couple of fans decided to yell out racial slurs to Orioles outfielder, Adam Jones. Jones, is a 12 year vet and long time player so this was nothing he hasn’t heard, especially in Boston, but this was still very hurtful for the Orioles outfielder. But the taunting did not stop there. One fan decided throw peanuts at Jones from the crowd (a very coward way to talk trash to someone if you ask me).

But Adam Jones being the man that he is decided that he wasn’t going to grieve and feel sorry for himself over this. Jones donated $20,000 to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri.

Even though Jones already intended to donate this money before the racial taunts at Fenway Park, he hopes that the conversation about racial injustice can be solved.

“Whatever happened in Boston, it’s very unfortunate, but I think it can start a conversation in terms of people have to police people,” Jones said. “Situations like that should not occur. … This is a platform to speak on it. … It needed to be heard. … A lot of people say, ‘You make a lot of money, just stick to making money and play baseball.’ That has nothing to do with it. CEOs make a lot of money, too. A lot of people make a lot of money. It’s not about the money. … I just thought it was a great time and a great platform.”

Jones is unrecognized for a lot of his achievements on the field but off the field as well. He understands the type of impact he has on people and not only focuses on the problems within baseball but the social problems within our society as well. And I believe he should be recognized for this.