Adorable Old Man Says What Most Yankee Fans Are Thinking About Derek Jeter (Audio)

  • Dan Fogarty

Joe D., longtime Yankee fan and season ticket holder (“50 years!”), called into Mike Francesa‘s WFAN New York radio show this morning.

Joe had some strong, adorable opinions regarding one Derek Sanderson Jeter, and his current contract negotiations with the New York Yankees.

From the call:

If Derek Jeter goes in there and he wants 4 years, ya’ give it to him. If he wants 5 years, ya ‘give it to him. Because WHAT THIS KID HAS MEANT TO THIS FRANCHISE SINCE 1996 CAN NOT BE MEASURED IN DOLLARS AND CENTS. Whatever the Captain wants, you give it to the Captain. Because he is the New York Yankees.

And yes, that’s a slow, building applause you hear cascading from the northernmost portions of the Bronx to the southern shores of Staten Island. Well said, Joe D. Well said.