Alex Rodriguez Is ‘Real Cool’ According To His Minor League Teammate Peter O’Brien

  • Zach Berger

Alex Rodriguez is making an impression on his teammates with the Tampa Yankees. One player in particular, third baseman Peter O’Brien, has taken a liking to A-Rod. Let’s take a look at some of the things that O’Brien had to say about Rodriguez, who’s been with Tampa for two games during his minor league rehab stint.

“He’s been a real cool, down-to earth guy. The way he carries himself is neat to see.”

You hear that, everyone? Not only is A-Rod a real person, but he’s also neat!

“He’s a big-time pro, one of the best to ever play the game, and you can see it. He’s so easy and smooth. He lets the game come to him.”

For reference, Rodriguez is batting 1-for-9 during his rehab stint so far. The game is really coming to him, alright. So easy. So, so silky smooth.

“He goes out there and does what he needs to do. Everything is done with a plan. He might only take 30 or 40 swings in BP, but every swing is with a purpose.”

Yep, A-Rod is just going out there and taking care of business. His lack of production in Single-A baseball is all part of his plan. As long as you do everything with a purpose, it doesn’t matter if you suck while you’re doing it.

“He’s in there in the dugout with us, talking to us about what the pitcher’s got, what the plan is and what the approach is. It’s been really nice having him around.”

Maybe it’s time for A-Rod to retire and go into coaching. They did win both games that he has played with the team after losing five straight.

Photo via NY Daily News