Alex Rodriguez’s Online Dating Profile*

  • SportsGrid Staff

As the 2013 season comes an early end for the New York Yankees (barring a miracle), it may be time for Alex Rodriguez to focus on the future. It’s possible that he’ll lose the appeal of his massive 211-game suspension during the offseason, and thus will never touch a major league diamond again after this week.

After some digging around**, we found that A-Rod is already ahead of the game. No longer able to merely pass notes to fans behind the dugout, the slugger has taken to the web in search of his newest paramour. Presenting the official*** Alex Rodriguez OkCupid dating profile, screencapped here in case he gets wise to our sleuthing.

the a-rod dating profile

*Not actually his
**Digging = photo editing
***Not official

Any allusions to steroid use by Alex Rodriguez are meant in jest, because, c’mon bro.

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