Alfredo Aceves Really Wasn’t Feeling A Butt Slap From Bobby Valentine

  • Dylan Murphy

Alfredo Aceves and Dustin Pedroia exchanged a few heated words in the dugout following some miscommunications in the field during yesterday’s Red Sox game against the Oakland Athletics. Aceves repeatedly attempted to pick off an Oakland runner on second base, and by the third throw Pedroia barely even made it over to the bag to catch the pickoff attempt. After the inning, Aceves and Pedroia got in each other’s faces, with Bobby Valentine meandering over to pretend to interject.

After the two parted ways with Aceves still fuming, Bobby V gave him the old “cheer up!” butt slap. Except Aceves wasn’t having any of that, so he tried to thwart Bobby V’s hand before any hand-to-butt contact could ensue. Unfortunately, Valentine kept walking nonchalantly because he managed to execute his astute managerial pep-talk butt slap – Aceves’ left arm just couldn’t quite make the save. So Aceves turned to Bark at Valentine some more. “Don’t you see that I’m upset?!?! Keep your hands away from my ass!” (That is a direct quote.)

Thanks to the folks over at Eye On Baseball, you can check out the almost-butt slap through this slow-mo GIF:

And, if you’re curious to see the entire goings on, from near disaster pickoff throw to aborted butt slap, head over to

[GIF via Eye On Baseball]