Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Chase Utley Finally Responds To Mac’s Letter

  • Jake O'Donnell

The sixth episode of the fifth season of Always Sunny in Philadelphia might be their magnum opus (though, the “Who Pooped the Bed” episode from season 4 may be the funniest.) In 22 minutes, they managed to recount the Phillies’ World Series win over the Tampa Bay Rays in the context of a court hearing over their $1,000 parking ticket, without ever mentioning the game. It was the episode that put “greenman” on the map — Charlie Day’s response the Philly Phanatic’s “monopoly” on the team’s mascot market.

It also was the episode where Mac asks Dee to give Chase Utley a letter that he has been desperately trying to get in the second baseman’s hands. It has stickers on it.

Utley, who now finds himself playing for a team 21 games out of the division lead, has finally decided to respond to the letter. Because let’s be honest — talking about 2008 is probably his favorite thing to do nowadays. That, and his hair.

H/T NBC Hardball Talk