And So It Begins: Alex Rodriguez’s Name Stripped From Youth Field In Wisconsin

  • Rick Chandler

It was only moments after Alex Rodriguez had been suspended for 211 games by MLB earlier today that the real punishment came down. Yes, Appleton (WI) Little League snapped into action and stripped Rodriguez’s name from its baseball stadium.

The new name is now up for grabs. Green Goblin Field? Actor Willem Dafoe is from Appleton, after all. At any rate …

“It won’t be called Alex Rodriguez Field, effective immediately,” said Matt TenHaken, president of the board for USA Youth, which oversees the Appleton, WI, complex for a number of different youth teams. “It is what it is. I really don’t know if it’s disappointing. Just have to accept what’s happened and move forward.”

The name will be coming down soon.

“The Sports Authority will pay to remove the plaques referencing Rodriguez from public display,” said Stan Baehman, director emeritus. “The naming rights will revert to USA Sports, the operator of the field.”

So, local businesspeople, get those bids in.

For those wondering why a Wisconsin youth organization would name a field after A-Rod, please note that he was originally signed by the Seattle Mariners, and played for their Single-A affiliate, the Appleton Foxes, in 1994. He was only there for 64 games before moving on to Double-A Jacksonville, but he was that town’s claim to fame — other than the fact that Harry Houdini lived there as a boy.

Fun fact: Appleton’s first Minor League baseball team was the Papermakers, who folded in 1953.