Worlds Collide And Scripts Flip As Andrew McCutchen Interviews Anthony Bourdain

  • Eric Goldschein

Could just anyone have gotten celebre-chef Anthony Bourdain to open up about Popeye’s macaroni and cheese? Probably. But it’s still cool to see the Pirates’ centerfielder dip his feet into the interviewing game with this video.

If you aren’t familiar with McCutchen for some reason — he plays in Pittsburgh, you don’t like baseball, you’re a jerk — he’s one of the best young players in the game and seems like a great guy. If you aren’t familiar with Bourdain — you don’t watch TV, you hate food, you prefer your celebre-chefs to have breasts — he was a pretty cool traveling chef dude who kind of sold out recently and is now going to be a reality show host.

Check out the grilling session* McCutchen put on Bourdain when the chef was in Pittsburgh on a speaking tour:

By the way, where did that interview take place? The Pittsburgh rope and chain factory?

*Not really.

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