Andrew Susac Got His First Big League Hit On May 22 — Despite Not Being Called Up Until September

  • David Young

andrew susacWe interrupt this opening day for the NFL season to bring you a statistical anomaly from the MLB. The kind that I live for.

Let’s go back to May 22, 2014. The Thai army overthrew the government. “Fancy” was patiently waiting to pass “All of Me” on the Billboard charts. “X-Men: Days of Future Past” was set to open the next day (spooky!). And in Coors Field, San Francisco Giants’ rookie catcher Andrew Susac was getting his Major League Hit. Nothing odd there… but wait, Susac was playing for AAA Fresno that day, and wasn’t called up until July 30th.

So what happened? Here’s a clue: it has nothing to do with the game being played in a state that decriminalized pot. (I think.)

It turns out that the May 22 game was suspended in the sixth because of rain. The game was then resumed on September 1, and Susac entered the game at catcher, moving Buster Posey to first. Then Susac singled in the eighth (say that five times fast), giving him a hit – his first as a Major Leaguer – in the May 22 game.

Unfortunately for time travel fans everywhere, Susac sat out Fresno’s May 22 game, so he’s not in two box scores at the same time. Let’s just hope he didn’t prevent his parents from kissing at the Under the Sea dance. Wait, has Baltimore always been in first?

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