The Angels Are Betting On Their Fans’ Willingness To Go On Horrifying Eating Binges

  • Glenn Davis

It’s always nice when a stadium goes beyond traditional stadium food fare and incorporates something uniquely its own into the ballpark food selection – think the Primanti Brothers sandwich option at PNC Park in Pittsburgh (even if it’s apparently not quite as good as what you can get in their standalone restaurants), for example. And with that in mind, you can’t accuse the Anaheim Los Angeles Angels [of Anaheim] for not giving the Angel Stadium menu a distinctive flair. You could accuse them of not paying fans’ health much mind:

#Angels to sell hot dogs wrapped in tortilla, then deep fried, with choice of toppings. Also, cinnamon-sugar nachos topped with ice cream.

Maybe we’d join the chorus of people decrying these concoctions… if we weren’t so busy DESPERATELY WANTING THEM. Hey, no one has to buy these things if they don’t want to. Count us among those glad the Angels are so dedicated to, in addition to improving their on-field product by making acquisitions like Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson, indulging some of their fans’ more unsettling cravings/culinary curiosities.

Admit it – those cinnamon sugar/ice cream nachos have serious potential (as long as the only traditional nacho ingredient used is the chip). As for the tortilla-wrapped/deep-fried hot dogs? We’d be curious enough to give them a shot, and with some good toppings, those could be an inspired addition too. Maybe we’re just more open to crazy food items than most, but we really think this could work. After all, for every person saying, “Ewww, deep-fried hot dogs?! Can you say unhealthiness overkill?!” you might get another offering: “Deep-fried hot dogs? That’s all? What about the bacon?!”

Shutterstock photo (by Ronald Sumners), via