The Production Of Baseball Wives “Might Be Stopped” Because One Participant Threatened Another With… Well, We Can’t Say It In The Headline

  • Dan Fogarty

It was a dildo. A 12-inch dildo. Oh, and a stun gun. That’s what Anna Benson, the wife of former big league pitcher Kris Benson, threatened one of her co-stars with on Baseball Wives, the upcoming reality show which debuts tonight on VH1.

This news comes according to TMZ, and a few things need to be noted here. For starters, it is entirely possible, even likely, that Anna Benson “pulled out a stun gun and set it on a table in front of her [co-star] in a threatening manner, then produced a 12-inch dildo from her purse and started swinging.” Keep in mind, this is the same Anna Benson who once threatened to sleep with the entire New York Mets organization if her husband ever cheated on her. She is matched only by Doug Christie’s wife when it comes to insane athlete spouse behavior. I’m actually quite sure that that part of the story is entirely accurate.

But there is no way this show is getting cancelled because of Benson’s dildo-waving. The reason this “news” broke today is because, oh, the show premieres in a few hours. If you have a show about crazy baseball wives, you want — nay, need — them to act like the craziest baseball wives America has ever seen. And 12-inch dildo-waving very much fits that bill.