Anti-Semites Come Out From Under Their Rocks In Wake Of Ryan Braun Suspension

  • Rick Chandler

Want to feel sick to your stomach and develop an uncontrollable urge to hose down the Internet? Just type “Ryan Braun” and “Jew” into a search engine, and prepared to be horrified.

Of course according to some, racism and discrimination no longer exist in the U.S. Yeah …

As you know, Braun’s father is Jewish, and his mother Catholic. Not that it makes any difference to anyone, except those who like cool nicknames (“The Hebrew Hammer”) and, of course, folks who buy their bedsheets by the bolt.

The douchebags below are now available for your scorn and mockery. Well, some of them are available. When you try to click on their Twitter comments, many have been deleted. Typical.

Photo: Getty Images.