Apparently Paul McCartney's Candlestick Park Farewell Concert Was A Traffic Disaster

  • Rick Chandler

And see? THIS is why they’re tearing it down.

Paul McCartney staged his Candlestick Park farewell concert on Friday night, and a SportsGrid reader relates his experience:


I got tickets to the show months ago. We left San Mateo at 6p.m. and didn’t get in to see the show at all. It was torture sitting in the car. There were several thousand people stuck in the gridlock. We left at 11 pm still not being able to get in. There were several parking lots with doors closed but we could see spots to park. This was THE most mismanaged show I have been to.

What happens to the over $300 we shelled out to see the show? Any idea who we can contact?

Being an ardent Sir Paul fan, I have seen his other shows but this one was a true disaster, waste of time. The only good thing was the camraderie of our fellow gridlock fans.

The authorities at Candlestick, the Mayor’s office and the organizers need to come forward and take full responsibility for this disaster.


Goodbye Candlestick gridlock: we shall not miss you. Levi’s Stadium, by the way, stages its first NFL preseason game today. Hopefully traffic will flow smoothly (haha, it won’t).