Watch Aroldis Chapman Take A Game-Cancelling Line Drive To The Face

  • Eric Goldschein

chapman faceAs pitchers taking line drives to the face go, this one is absolutely brutal. Aroldis Chapman of the Reds was on the mound in the sixth inning against the Royals, and Salvador Perez was at the plate. Perez hit a liner straight back to the mound, and Chapman was unable to get his hands up in time to protect his face.

Watch, but be warned, this is not for the squeamish. The ball hits Chapman and ricochets back into foul territory, which gives you an idea of how fast it was traveling when it made contact:

Surprise Stadium, indeed! Get it? Anybody?

Chapman remained on the ground for 11 minutes before being carted off. He spent last night at a local hospital, where early tests revealed fractures above his left eye and nose. As for the game, both managers decided to call it off after witnessing this truly frightening experience. We’ll keep you updated on Chapman’s status.

UPDATE: Sounds like things could have been worse.