Astros Wives Group Fundraising Gala Canceled Because ‘Astros Wives Group No Longer Has Any Wives In It’

  • Rick Chandler

This would have been the 24th Black Tie and Baseball Caps Gala in Houston, an event put on by the Astros Wives Group as a benefit for the Houston Women’s Center. I say would have, because the Astros have canceled the event this year.

The team’s reasoning for the cancellation is hard to argue with, actually. From Culture Map Houston:

“There was no event canceled because there was no event planned because the wives group no longer had any wives in it,” [Astros senior vice president of community relations Meg] Vaillancourt said. “This change is not at all a reflection on the value of the Women’s Center. We really respect and appreciate everything that the Women’s Center does.”

Yep, the Astros are running out of wives.

I’m sure there are some wives on the roster, but when you’re rebuilding with youth, your team’s wives group is naturally going to suffer. Couldn’t they make it a WAGs Gala?

Some are not pleased with this turn of events — two Astros blogs have even gone dark today in protest of the cancellation. The Black Ties and Baseball Caps Gala raised $250,000 for the women’s center last year, and one year — when Erica Bagwell was the chair — raised $400,000.

Astros County:

[Judy] Nichols actually has 4 years left on 5-year deal she signed with Astros Wives group (a 501-3C) to work on Gala. Nichols: “It’s very significant.The wives, most of them are gone, they’re just very hurt because they were all very proud of this event.”

But Astros owner Jim Crane has vowed to make up the difference, and then some, saying that he will raise $18 million for the foundation. The Black Ties and Baseball Gala has raised about $4 million over 23 years.

H/T SportsbyBrooks.