Attn ESPN Owners: 9 Fantasy Baseball Hitters Drafted Too Low

  • David Gonos

Jose Peraza, ESPN Fantasy Baseball Undervalued Hitters, Joe Robbins

We’re all probably familiar with FantasyPros’ ADP pages, which lists a consensus Average Draft Position of Fantasy players on several league services sites, like ESPN, CBS Sports, Yahoo! and NFBC. But we’re going to show you how you can use that tool to also find some undervalued Fantasy Baseball hitters on ESPN (or really, any service).

The reason we bring this up is because most website’s ADPs are generated off of their league draft results. And those drafts have preset rankings fed by the expert’s projections on that website. In other words, if ESPN’s writers love Carlos Gonzalez, they’ll have his projections high and he’ll be high in their rankings, as well as their draft tool’s preset rankings. What that does is it pushes him to the top of everyone’s queue as the draft proceeds, and people end up drafting him a little higher than they would on other websites. Make sense?

So what we’re telling you in this article is to use these differences in ADP to pick up some players that are getting drafted earlier on other sites, helping you get an added benefit.

(We also found seven Fantasy pitchers that are getting drafted too low on ESPN.)

9 Fantasy Baseball Hitters Drafted Too Low On ESPN

You can find specific players’ position eligibility on here. Normally, we’d list the specific ADP number for a player, but since there is such a big difference between 12-team and 10-team leagues, we chose to just show the difference from ESPN ADP to Consensus ADP.

Jose Peraza Photo Credit: Joe Robbins, Getty Images