Awesome Moments That Ultimately Went For Naught

  • Geoff Magliocchetti

Super Bowl LI is still fresh in everyone’s mind. Everyone is still buzzing about the New England Patriots’ epic comeback, the official coronation of Tom Brady being the greatest quarterback of all time.

What many don’t remember is the epic catch by Julio Jones, one that more or less should’ve sealed the game for the star-crossed Falcons. The catch is everything that is Julio Jones…epic, athletic, exciting. Alas, it will be forgotten, lost in the mismanagement of the clock by the Falcons’ brass, and the Patriots’ historic come-from-behind victory.

Jones’s catch goes down with these other epic moments, moments that were amazing for five minutes before going down in the forgotten ranks of history…

Carlton Fisk’s Home Run

Boston fans have had plenty to celebrate over the past several seasons, the most recent major sporting event in Super Bowl LI included. Yet, everyone loves to talk about the Fisk homer in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series, which did nothing but delay the extension of the Curse of the Bambino in the Boston Red Sox’s championship series with the Cincinnati Reds. The image of Fish trotting down the first base line, wishing his deep fall fair, is indeed iconic, yet was undone by Game 7, where Joe Morgan’s RBI bloop single in the top of the 9th gave the Reds the series win.

Perhaps it’s because the Sox’s recent World Series victories have all come in blowout fashion, but this is the one Boston baseball moment that seems to appear in all the postseason highlight reels, alongside Kirk Gibson’s home run, when the postseason commercials roll out every autumn. It just doesn’t take away the fact that Boston lost the series, and Joe Morgan’s spot in history is more or less forgotten.

Endy Chavez’s Catch

2006 was a weird time, if only because it really felt like the New York Mets were going to go to the World Series, partaking in Game 7 of the NLCS against the St. Louis Cardinals. That idea became entirely plausible when Endy Chavez, a journeyman outfield, made this sensational grab, doing the Odell Beckham schtick years before Beckham ever set foot in New York by robbing Scott Rolen of a home run. Chavez’s grab basically put New York City on notice, a city that had been dominated by the Yankee monopoly, a notice that “holy cow, the Mets might actually make the World Series”. But, since you’ve read the title of the article, you know it was for naught, as Yadier Molina provided late inning heroics, and Carols Beltran famously struck out looking, and the Cardinals’ mini dynasty commenced and the dream of a Queens World Series eluded the Mets for almost a decade longer.

LeBron James’s ECF Three

There was a time, surprisingly, when many felt that LeBron James would never win a ring. That trend seemed to be changing when James sank this game-winning triple in Game 2 the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals to knot up a series with the Orlando Magic. However, it would be the last game that James would win in the penultimate year of his first term in Cleveland. The Magic won the next three games of the series, setting up a date with the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals, denying us of a Kobe-Lebron championship showdown.

Jermaine Kearse’s Super Bowl Catch

Super Bowl LI didn’t mark the first time the Patriots made sure an epic catch didn’t come back to haunt them. This circus catch, shortly before the most unnecessary interception in football history, kept what was presumably a Seattle game-winning drive alive, and briefly gave Patriots fans unpleasant visions of David Tyree’s amazing grab. Kearse didn’t give up on the play, making the juggling grab and preparing himself to go down in Super Bowl lore. Pete Carroll, alas, had other ideas.

TJ Oshie’s Shootout

There’s no denying this moment is AWESOME. Oshie keeping the Americans alive in a shootout against the Russians…in Russia!…by sheer willpower in the 2014 Winter Olympics. The fact remains, however, that this moment doesn’t belong in the same breath, nay, the same chapter, as the Miracle on Ice, considering this took place in the same Olympics where the Americans didn’t even medal. An epic showdown, an epic shootout, but it’s hard to look at it without feeling a twinge of pain knowing how it all ends.

Geoff Magliocchetti is on Twitter @GeoffMags5490