Check Out This Awesome Rare Color Footage Of Yankee Stadium In 1939

  • Eric Goldschein

You thought everything from grandma and grandpa’s era was in black-and-white, didn’t you? Well, Pleasantville-style, here’s the 1939 World Series in fantastic color, when the Yankees took on the Reds and everyone dressed like a dandy.

Things to take note of: the haunting music that instills both the specter of World War II and longing for a Morgan Freeman voice-over, the GEM blades that sell five for a quarter, the incredible fashion sense of nearly everybody in the stadium, the way people walked right onto the field once the game was over.

And for the record — the Yankees, in typical Bronx Bomber fashion, demolished the Reds, sweeping the Series to claim their fourth consecutive title. Some things never change.

h/t Buzzfeed