Awkwaaaaaaaaaard: A-Rod Connects For His 648th Career Home Run, Crowd Doesn’t Know What The Hell To Do

  • Jake O'Donnell

Alex Rodriguez is not going to the Hall of Fame. In fact, he shouldn’t even be playing right now. But because of certain legal loopholes, he can, and now he’s 12 home runs shy of tying the great Willie Mays. Awkward, right? Because it should be a triumphant moment, but it just ends up being a reminder that he’s a liar. Notice the crowd’s reaction?

Ya, me neither.

They clearly had no idea how to respond to this one. The home run, which is his first of the season, comes a day after he was singing the praises of New York, calling it “the greatest city in the world.” He even managed to kiss Yankee fans’ asses, saying his return was “awesome, the fans are incredible, such great energy, such a great response.” Judging by the crowd “not throwing shit at him,” it might have paid off.