‘Back To The Future Part II’ Predicted Cubs As 2015 World Series Champions

‘Back To The Future Part II’ Predicted Cubs As 2015 World Series Champions
  • Tanya Ray Fox

On Tuesday night the Chicago Cubs clinched a spot in the NLCS with a win over the St. Louis Cardinals, sending them to their first Championship Series since 2003 and giving them a chance to win their first NL pennant since 1945. They will play the winner of the Dodgers vs. Mets series, but according to this scene from 1989’s ‘Back To The Future Part II’ – set in the year 2015 – the Cubs are the team of destiny this year.

That may seem like just a cute coincidence, since the Cubs winning a World Series has been at the butt end of pop culture jokes for decades, but the timing of the prediction is pretty uncanny; especially when you consider the fact that the Cubs have already broken tradition just by making it to the NLCS.

Before Tuesday night, the Cubs one and only postseason series win since 1908 was their dramatic win in 2003 over the Atlanta Braves in the NLDS.

My god,  that is an unbearably brutal stretch of suckitude. And that’s coming from a Red Sox fan that remembers life pre-2004. In fact, I distinctly remember just how much relief I felt while watching the scene in LOST when Ben tells Jack that the Sox had won the World Series since they had been marooned on the island.

Cubs fans are just eight more wins away from being able to experience that same relief.

In fact, a Cubs 2015 World Series win would join a pretty lengthy list of things that BTTFP2 predicted correctly in some form or another. This piece published on Syracuse.com about one year ago highlights many of them, including 3D movies and unnecessary sequels, huge flat-screen TVs on the wall, smart devices like tablets and Google Glass, a baseball team in Miami (which you see referenced in the above clip), payments using thumbprints and video calls.

Oh and just to add a little more flavor to this dish, check out the exact date that Doc and Marty travel to when they head to 2015:

Yeah, the Cubs will be playing in Game 4 of the NLCS on Oct. 21, 2015. Just saying.

Tanya Ray Fox

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