Ball Girl Fights Infielder For Popup, And Somehow The Cubs Are Not Involved

  • Rick Chandler


The Giants have been using octogenarians in their “Ball Dudes” program since 1993, employing about 70 men, and some women, mostly beyond the age of 70, to scoop up foul balls along the baselines.

Inevitably, comedy sometimes ensues. Watch as this “Ball Dudette”, whom CSN Bay Area broadcaster Mike Krukow identifies as Sherry, interferes with SF third baseman Joaquin Arias on a foul popup.

Sherry can only thank God that it wasn’t Pablo Sandoval playing third at the time.


My favorite comment on this:

Good for her. She made a Giants game worth watching for a few seconds.
by Eugene Saxe on Aug 21, 2013 | 5:47 PM reply

This is almost as good as the time that a dudette accidentally grabbed Barry Bonds’ glove when she trotted off to take her post behind third base.