Barry Bonds Is Now Fun-Sized, Back With Giants As Hitting Coach

  • Rick Chandler

Barry Bonds sighting in Scottsdale … wow. Yes, we’re sure that’s him: Bonds arrived at the Giants spring training facility today for his first day as hitting instructor, taking up considerably less space than he did in 2007, his last season as a player. hasn’t worn a Giants uniform since 2007, his last season with the team.

How did Bonds become fun-sized? For one he’s now a cycling fanatic, and of course isn’t working out as he did in his playing days … but let’s address the chemically-enhanced elephant in the room. His head’s about three hat sizes smaller than in his playing days. I’m not saying that’s because he’s no longer using steroids … that’s you saying that. I’m saying that you don’t need steroids to be good at cycling, and … no, wait. Never mind.

Anyway he’s trying to be a hitting instructor now, and no one denies that he was good at that. Can he help? SF hit a somewhat decent .260 as a team in 2013, but had only 107 homers — which would have been last in the majors had it not for the Marlins (95).

But what’s his real intention here? San Francisco Chronicle:

Bonds was found guilty of one count of obstruction of justice, lost an appeal, paid a fine, has been serving time and – while he continues an appeal to have the charge erased from his record – has mostly resolved his issues.

Now he would like to get back into baseball’s good graces. The Hall of Fame might be his end game, though he didn’t overtly lobby.

“You guys are all adults,” he said to voters. “I have no advice for you.”

Except maybe this: when asked if he belonged in Cooperstown, he responded, “Without a doubt.”

Oh, there will be doubt, I assure you.