Barry Zito Jammed With Metallica Today (But Sergio Romo Had To Finish)

  • Rick Chandler

Screw you Barry Zito. Your pitching resurgence and 2012 World Series ring have made me have to throw out a year’s worth of Zito Sucks jokes. They were lovingly crafted over five seasons of your suckitide: now worthless.

As if to mock my pain, Zito went over to Metallica headquarters today and jammed with the band. James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich & Co. are based in the SF Bay Area (San Rafael), and since Barry is well known for his guitar talents, they got together in advance of the Giants’ Metallica Night on Friday. I’m going: anyone want anything?

So did a little mini-documentary about it, somehow tying Zito’s resurgence and character to Metallica’s talent and longevity. Tenuous comparisons, I know, but just enjoy the music and it will all be fine. Here’s how confident the Giants are about filling their ballpark: they’ve scheduled Metallica Night on a Friday when the Dodgers are in town. Good luck finding cheap tickets.