Barry Zito Is Currently Sporting A Horrific Mustache. Here It Is.

  • Glenn Davis

Barry Zito is known for many things – his outstanding tenure with the Oakland Athletics, and his decidedly less outstanding (but very, very expensive) tenure with the San Francisco Giants, to name two.

More recently (and seriously), Zito was in the news for being in a car accident a few days ago. Fortunately, he was fine, and made his scheduled start tonight against the Dodgers. Less fortunately, Zito recently made a facial hair choice we cannot condone. Larry Brown Sports looked at this unholy creation earlier today:

That is just…not right. “But perhaps,” you hope, “Zito was just goofing around, and rid his face of this blight before he took the mound.” Well…here’s what Zito looked like on the mound tonight, via Mocksession:

So, consider: tonight, Zito pitched with…that. And at the time of this writing, Zito’s Giants are trailing 7-4. Coincidence? Well, yeah, especially since Zito only allowed three of those runs. Really, though – can you fault us for looking to blame everything we can on that mustache?