Baseball Roundup: Aaron Judge Rules Over Yankee Stadium

Baseball Roundup: Aaron Judge Rules Over Yankee Stadium
  • Rick Chandler

Not since San Francisco Giants fans donned milkman costumes for Melky Cabrera in 2012 has a fan base taken dressup to such an inspiring extreme. A legend was born on Thursday when several Aaron Judge fans gathered in the right field bleachers of Yankee Stadium, all wearing judge wigs and black robes, some wielding gavels.

It was all for their hero, who has 13 home runs and 28 RBI in 29 games, with a .317 batting average. But Judge is not a fan favorite only because of his hitting. He’s a very good outfielder, and he goes out of his way to interact with fans — handing over baseballs to kids and generally being a top-notch dude.

Also there was this legendary shot:

This is what makes baseball great.

Spurs 114, Rockets 75

We put this score here to explain the Great Migration of sports fans leaving the Rockets in disgust and turning to the Astros. Down 3-2 in the Western Conference Semifinals and playing at home against the Spurs without Kawhi Leonard, Houston collapsed and just seemed to quit. James Harden had only 10 points.

At 24-11 the Astros have the best record in baseball, leading the AL West by 7 games over the Mariners. Dallas Keuchel got the win as Houston beat the Yankees 3-2 on Thursday.

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Wizard Cat Defensive Play of the day

A walkoff out at the plate on a throw from the Astros’ Jake Marisnick, nailing the Yankees’ Jacob Ellsbury.

Wizard Cat gives this play: four wands.