Baseball Roundup: Charlie Sheen Says ‘Major League III’ Is Going To Happen

  • Rick Chandler


TMZ ran into Charlie Sheen on Monday (usually they mean this literally), and extracted the information that Major League III “is going to happen”, according to Sheen.

Apparently all of the major stars from the first two movies are coming back, plus they have a director and a script. The only thing they’re looking for is financing. Well, money …

Not only are the boys all coming back, but Charlie says they’ve got a dynamite script, and a director, claiming the only thing missing is the biggest component in a Hollywood movie … THE MONEY.
Super exciting news … we only have one question for Charlie … Wesley Snipes or Omar Epps?

This has all been in the works for quite a while, according to Tom Berenger. At one point Sheen wanted Brian Wilson as his pitching coach. Translation: don’t hold your breath.

Best seats in Yankee Stadium

And so this is how baseball dies …

Not with a bang, but with an interview with a bird.

This bird would not last two minutes in San Francisco.

Build it, and the Onion will come

Baseball announcers calling game like golf announcers

This is my new favorite thing.

Wizard Cat defensive play of the day