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Baseball Roundup: Commish Wants MLB Games In Europe By 2019

  • Rick Chandler


The popularity of baseball in Europe has been on the rise for he past nine years, according to Major League Baseball, and now MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is itching to send over some teams to play regular-season games there.

But where exactly? Italy, which already has semipro leagues? Germany, where the game has been played since 1936? Hungary, which routinely sends strong teams to the Little League World Series? No … Manfred wants a game in England — the one country in Europe where no one gives a crap about the game. USA Today:

Major League Baseball had hoped to have European games in 2018, possibly between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox at London’s Olympic Stadium, but decided there was not enough time to get plans in place.

“It’s something we’d really like to do in 2019,” Manfred said Thursday following a quarterly owners’ meeting. ”I can’t tell you we are going to do it. I can’t give you a percentage, but we do think it’s time, whether it’s 2019 or shortly thereafter, that we play in Europe.”

The only way baseball in England would be remotely interesting is if they incorporated some cricket rules. No foul territory. No outfield fence. Everyone wears slacks.

Also, baseball hooligans would be cool.

Making an impression

OK, how do you score this?

Pickoff throw from pitcher hits runner at first base in the head, ball bounces to second baseman, who throws out runner at the plate trying to score from third.

It’s all about he kids

Wizard cat defensive play of the day

Wizard cat gives his play: six wands.