Baseball Roundup: Cubs Embark On ‘Anchorman’-Themed Road Trip

  • Rick Chandler


As an hilarious internet meme, Anchorman pretty much died out a decade ago — no self-respecting online wit made “I’m in a glass case of emotions” jokes after 2007. Then 2013’s Anchorman II and the rise of social media revived it for about a day-and-a-half, and then we all moved on with our lives.

Except for the Cubs. The 2016 champs thought it would be hilarious to have an Anchorman-themed road trip, even though some of the characters are fairly innocuous and hard to tell apart. And so they did (to LA).

OK, I suppose I’m being cynical — it’s all great comedy (ZZZZzzzz). Look, if no one is willing to go the extra mile and dress as Veronica Corningstone, I’m just not interested.

It’s all harmless fun I suppose, but I’m having a hard time imagining Bruce Bochy or Mike Matheny putting up with this nonsense.

Say Hey, Willie, This Giants’ Kid Is Great

What you may not know is that Mays, only 19, was playing for the Triple-A Minneapolis Millers when he was called up on May 25, 1951. He went 0-for-5 in his first game in the Majors, and was 0-for-12 when Giants owner Horace Stoneham wrote an open letter to the people of Minneapolis, apologizing for taking Mays (who was hitting .477) away from them. The next day Mays hit a home run off of Warren Spahn at the Polo Grounds.

Topps To Issue Tim Tebow Baseball Card

But good luck finding one. The odds of getting a Tebow card in a pack of Topps Debut are 1-in-505, according to the company.

Meanwhile, In Wiffle Ball …

Wizard Cat defensive play of the day

Click on link for video.

Wizard Cat gives this catch: 6 wands.