Baseball Roundup: Twitter Is All In On The Harper-Strickland Fight

Baseball Roundup: Twitter Is All In On The Harper-Strickland Fight
  • Rick Chandler

It was one of the best fights in baseball history, mostly because it was so stupid. When Giants’ reliever Hunter Strickland planted a fastball into Bryce Harper’s hip, the Nationals’ outfielder charged the mound and a series of weird and unfortunate events unfolded.

The internet was delighted, of course. Let’s take a look at the highlights, in order of importance.

Harper’s Helmet Throw Was a clown move, bro

In retrospect, a helmet might be a good thing to have during a fistfight — no one else is likely to be wearing one, and it might deflect some blows, or at least keep you from getting your hair pulled. Instead, Harper decides to jettison his in the most humiliating way — by throwing it sideways. WTF? Was that aimed at Strickland?

Giants erect Buster Posey statue ahead of schedule

Not only did Posey not try to stop Harper from getting to Strickland, but he barely seemed interested in the fight at all. That’s either gross negligence, or the smartest move of the day. He was probably trying to think back to how this all began three years ago.

“Hold On Moe, we’ll help you!” Bonk!

The irony is that Mike Morse and Jeff Samardzija are the best of friends. That collision is comedy gold.

Other athletes chime in

Palo Alto, home of Stanford University, is about 30 miles south of San Francisco.

But how would it look for the Giants to have their TWO best players out because of stupid, unnecessary injuries? Yes, let’s ask Madison Bumgarner how he feels about this.

In conclusion