Beautiful Washington Nationals Reporter Julie Alexandria Gets Gatorade Bath, Continues Interview With Gio Gonzalez

  • Jake O'Donnell

Imagine you were at work, just doing your job, minding your own business, when out of nowhere five gallons of orange Gatorade come rushing over your shoulders. Maybe it’s not as surprising if you work near the Washington Nationals, who have a history of doing this to journalists, but nonetheless, it’d scare the “bejesus” out of you. Assuming, of course, you had the “bejesus” in you in the first place. The show must go on, folks.

MASN reporter Julie Alexandria was interviewing Gio Gonzalez after his masterful 1-hit performance against the league best Reds Thursday — her first night on the job — when two unidentified Nats bum rushed the two with the classic orange tub, ready to dump. “They warned me that was gonna happen,” Alexandria said, after breathing heavily into her microphone for about 10 seconds after the soaking. “Just don’t cry,” is what I would of thought had I been in her position.

But she went right back to the interview. Good work, Julie Alexandria. You should be considered for a Peabody Award for being so tolerant of Delta Kappa Epsilon these young whippersnappers in D.C.

Once again, this is apparently a Nationals tradition. So she may not have been outright stunned that her trendy work outfit now smells like “Rip Tide Rush.” But no one is ever ready to get soaked. Which is maybe why all this looked a lot like that pool party the cool kids threw in high school. Two strapping athletes heaving an unwilling beautiful girl into a watery mess. Then they all laugh about it afterwards, for, like, the next week, and you never saw any of it because you were home playing Golden Eye.

Oh, memories.

We wish Julie Alexandria the best, and hope she makes it up to the national ranks (ironically, from the Nationals ranks) soon, so we can see her shove microphones in the faces of all our favorites young pitchers.

Story via The Washington Post

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